MSSI HR module

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Kivos HR Main module

The Kivos HR Main module is the core of the system. It lets you manage employee files, create schedules, break-lists, absences, abuse reports, payments, payrolls, advances and so on. Due to advanced permission control options, this module can be available for all employees, starting from management and ending up on regular employee. Every person will have access to what he/she is entitled to access.

Kivos HR Wall Screen module

The Kivos HR Wall Screen module lets you publish on screen displays important information, which should be available for all employees, like: schedules, break-lists, public messages, values of tips and so on. Kivos HR Wall Screen module gives you power to be independent from IT department – you decide what you publish. Due to rich configuration options everything that you show will be shown as long as it’s needed.

Kivos HR Terminal module

The Kivos HR Terminal module gives you an option to register working time automatically, using RfID or biometrics readers. Due to configuration, employee is able to printout own schedules.

Kivos HR Web module

Kivos HP Web module gives you possibility to hire the best staff in the fastest and modern way. You can create job offers and publish it in Web module, giving your candidates an option to send application as well as upload extra files (CV, cover letter) directly to our Kivos HR Main module. Kivos HR Web module can be linked directly to your company website keeping consistent look and feel.